Wir sind inspiriert von den historischen Protesten des Women’s March in den USA. Weltweit erstarken feministische Bewegungen wieder. Auch in Deutschland gibt es eine Vielzahl an geplanten feministischen Aktionen, insbesondere rund um den internationalen Frauenkampftag am 8. März 2017.

Wir wollen diese Aktionen sichtbar machen, uns vernetzen und uns mit den weltweiten feministischen Aktionen und Bewegungen solidarisieren!

Für die Leitgedanken dienten die Unity Principles des Women’s March als Vorbild.

Hinweis: Um sicherzustellen, dass alle Menschen gleichermaßen genannt und dadurch mitgedacht werden, verwenden wir den Gender-Star, symbolisiert durch das *. Transsexuelle, transgender und intersexuelle Personen werden so nicht mehr unsichtbar gemacht und diskriminiert. Durch den Gender-Star werden so Menschen mit einbezogen, auch diejenigen, die sich nicht in ein binäres System der Geschlechter (also Mann und Frau als einzige Kategorien) einordnen können oder wollen und es wird Raum für (Selbst-)Definitionen gegeben.

Guiding Principles

We are convinced: Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights.This is why we strive for a society in which all people, whatever their gender, their skin colour, their job, their income, their background, their religion or ideology, or their abilities or sexual orientation, can live freely, safely and self-determinately, and can care for their elective families.


Ending Violence

All people have the right to live full and healthy lives. We oppose all forms of violence against us and our bodies. It is the responsibility of all of society to protect women* and people who are especially affected by violence. We oppose police violence and racial profiling. We are all obliged to act against sexist, racist, antisemitic, antiziganistic, disablist, anti-muslim, classist, bi/trans/homophobic mindsets and actions within the family and in personal relations as well as in society and the judicial system. We do not tolerate the violence resulting from this.


Reproductive Rights

We fight for sexual and reproductive freedom. We do not accept any rollbacks or restrictions in quality reproductive healthcare services, in access to birth control, in HIV/AIDS prevention care or in medically accurate sexuality education. This means access to legal, stigma-free and above all safe abortions, prescription-free morning-after pill and access to birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education.



All people must have enough time, freedom and financial capacity to be able to care for children, relatives or friends when necessary. At the same time no-one should be compelled to assume care work for others because of domestic, gendered or other social categorisations. It is our collective responsibility that care work should be organised so that the freedom, autonomy and dignity of all concerned is preserved at all times. Care occupations perform responsible work and must not be badly paid or precarious. 



LGBTQIA rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual people) are inviolable human rights. It is our role to further strengthen, expand and protect these rights and related laws as well as actual societal acceptance of sexual diversity. The only one who should have power over our bodies is ourselves. We want to decide ourselves who we are, free from gender norms, social constraints, expectations and stereotypes.


Worker's Rights

We want an economy powered by transparency, accountability, sustainability and justice. Equal work should be awarded equal pay. We support comprehensive, high quality and affordable childcare, health insurance for all people and a healthy work environment.All workers must have the right to self-organisation to be able to fight for decent wages and good working conditions. No-one can be stigmatised for their practised profession. People's social security should not depend on employment alone. All people have a right to material well-being, with dignity and social participation, this includes those without paid employment.


Civil Rights

We believe that all people who live here should possess citizenship rights, inclusive of the right to vote. All people should be able to live without fear of discrimination and persecution, have the right to freedom of expression, and be able to rely on state protection.  They should have the right to practise a faith or not to do so, or to follow a chosen belief. All this regardless of background, gender, age, who one loves, with or without disability. It is time to make outright equality in Germany a reality, as well as establishing and implementing anti-discrimination and gender-mainstreaming policy throughout legislation.


Disability Rights

We strive for all people to be included in and to contribute to our society together. We strike for social participation for all, for equal rights, for visibility of people with disability, for accessibility and self-evident inclusion in everyday life and in political decision-making. We stand for a society in which human diversity is interpreted as a strength.


Immigrant Rights

Immigration and emigration are a part of Germany and have shaped and advanced us. In a Europe of open borders and a globalised world where different crises, environmental destruction and wars force people to flee their homes, voluntary migration and forced displacement are a part of our everyday life. We believe that the right to asylum must be indisputed, that migration should be a choice and not obligatory. Every person should be welcome, regardless of country of origin ortheir religion. No human being is illegal.


Environmental Justice

Every person has the right to clean drinking water and air. We must protect our environment and climate, and ensure that our natural resources are not exploited for economic profit maximisation.They must be protected, particularly with regard to scarce resources, fair distribution, public safety and our health. This planet is here for all of us, we must cherish it.