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You want to be a part of the Feminist Network too? Wonderful! Below you will find two simple application forms to do so.

There’s only one requirement to become a member of the alliance: You must agree with the guiding principles and support them.


Form 1:

Please fill this out if you want to register an event. You will then be simultaneously registered as an alliance member and added to the corresponding list.


Form 2:

Please fill this out if you want to be part of the alliance, but do not want to register an event. Besides organisations and associations etc., people can also register as individuals.


As a general rule: please ensure yourselves that the information you enter is accurate.

If you need to make subsequent changes, you can contact us (only if necessary!) at

Register an event and become a member of the alliance

In the form below you can register your events and activities around March 8, International Women*s Day 2017 (for the period from March 4 to March 12 2017) taking place in Germany.

We reserve the right to dismiss events without giving notification or any reason. Due to the effort involved we are unable to respond to every enquiry.  Look at our website to see if your event has been accepted. Please bear in mind that this could take some time and that we run this platform voluntarily.

Link to form here.

Become a member of the Alliance (without registering an event)

Note: your email address will be added to our mailing list. We will use this mailing list to inform you about this or similar future activities. Your personal data will not be passed on elsewhere.

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