Berlin: International Women*s Struggle Demo, 8 March 2017

  • Warschauer/ Ecke Revaler Straße 6 Revaler Str. Berlin, Berlin, 10245 Germany

Ganzer Aufruf hier.

We rebel against the system!
We struggle and organize our work and our lives.
We defend ourselves against the exploitation of our bodies.
We mobilize for social and political justice.
As we always did!

We will not be instrumentalized to legitimize state and social racism. This Silvester we witnessed how in the heart of Europe, at the Cologne Cathedral, an apartheid system was created - under the pretext of protecting women*. We fight against this manipulation and we will not be played against our sisters* and brothers*. We against every form of oppression of the patriarchal system, that inflicts exploitation, poverty, war, flight, and violence. We join hands in solidarity and we struggle together.
** When we write women* we mean:WLTI* WomenLesbianTrans*Inter*

Organisiert von: Ezidischer FrauenRat Berlin, Frauenrat Dest Dan, International Women Space, Frauen aus Rojhilat, IniRromnja, Sozialistischer Frauenbund Berlin - SKB, JXK - Studierende Frauen aus Kurdistan, FrauenRat der PYD Berlin (Rojava-Frauen), RomaniPhen, Mütter gg. den Krieg, FrauenRat der HDK, Women in Exile&Friends, GENERATION ADEFRA: Black Women in Germany, Ni una menos Berlin, Czarny Protest, SUSI Interkult. Frauenzentrum, DaMigra, Lara e.V., Bündnis gg Rassismus, Adnb des Tbb, Stop Deportation Group

Ort: 16:30 Uhr Warschauer Str./Ecke Revaler Str. - 18:00 Uhr Oranienplatz